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The heartbeat of the community has never been stronger as the downtown continues on its upward trajectory and our neighborhoods thrive. Mayor Henry celebrates the momentum of downtown’s current and projected brick-and-mortar projects. Electric Works is now open and includes the FWCS Amp Lab, the world headquarters for Do it Best, and the Union Street Market. With the addition of The Riverfront at Promenade Park, Ash Skyline Plaza, Cityscape Flats, and the Skyline Tower, he is constantly keeping a pulse on the needs and wants of the residents from every corner of the City of Fort Wayne.

Construction on The Lofts at Headwaters Park is set to start this year. The Ashberry development, corporate headquarters for STAR Financial Bank, will open later this year, and The Pearl, another mixed-use development, will be complete in late 2024. The mayor hopes to continue concentrating on the city’s economic prosperity through the next several years by overseeing the completion of the many new investments.